Friday, 10 February 2012

Kids United presents: An African drumming showcase: The Aftermath!

So we had our African drumming showcase on was brills. I really enjoyed it, and I think all our performers did too. The audience of parents and friends was great and very supportive. It was an excellent chance for the young people to show off the skills they've been learning over the past few months, and for each of Sarah's groups to see how the other one got on!

The showcase started with an introduction from Forid (from the Hutton group) who welcomed everybody. Then the first group to play was the Naseby Centre guys - who did excellently with their 2 pieces. The young people involved were dedicated to making a good performance, which started with Heartbeat (based on a Caribbean rhythm) followed by Ijexa (from Brazil.) Bashir did a great job of introducing the tunes, and he and Nafees started the show with a dramatic duet on djembe and dun dun.

Next up, the Hutton Hall group played 2 traditional West African rhythms - Yankidi and Macrew - as well as a piece they had composed themselves, "5 Daily Foods." (So called because the patterns which they composed were based on the what they had for lunch...."fish and chips and water...") These boys have worked really hard and were really committed to their band - and they are turning into very talented musicians!

All of the performers received a certificate for Excellent Achievement in Performance of African Drumming and Sarah got a giant bunch of flowers! We all really appreciate all the hard work and time she has put in to teach these young people.

After the performance, there were refreshments and a competition to guess how many sweets in the jar. All money raised from this, and the entry fee and any other donations, are to be given to the Children's Ward here at Heartlands. (The boys' idea!)

All in all, this was a really lovely evening, I had fun joining in, and I'm really proud of all the performers. Hope to see everyone again for DJing workshops which start on the 20th :)

Kids United group from Hutton Hall performing at the showcase

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