Monday, 16 April 2012

Learning about graffiti!

The last couple of sessions with Moyma have been about graffiti art. In the first session, we learnt about tags and how they are created. Then last session, we looked at graffiti art and how we could design a logo using graffiti-style lettering. Moyma brought along examples of artwork he has created for other DJ artists, along with some examples of different types of graffiti lettering. The young DJs started to create their own logo using the different graffiti lettering along with pictures and shapes. Here are some of the works-in-progress!

These are from young people on the Children's Ward at Heartlands Hospital and at Hutton Hall and Naseby Centre.
DJ Anees

DJ Babes


DJ Luciee

This is the new logo Younus (DJ Techno) from Hutton Hall designed for us.
Even Esther and me had a go (Esther is the Project Co-ordinator, I'm the Project Intern).


My first tag!

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