Monday, 9 July 2012

Curtis at BHH take 2!

Curtis came back to the Children's Ward at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital last week (2nd July) for another session rapping with the young people on the ward. He rapped with Baabar in the sensory room, creating a rap based on things that Baabar likes. First he brainstormed some ideas, then wrote the rap in super quick time!

Hi I’m Baabar, trainers on my feet
Love a bhangra beat and a little doner meat
Loving all the nurses, yeah there’s a few
If I ever bought a car then it would be a Subaru
Can’t beatbox but I’ve got a DVD
Christina went and videoed and made a vid for me
Lights in the room tell me colours that you see
Purples and pinks and there’s blue like the sea
Long limousines and they call it a stretch
All of the nurses I’ll go in and fetch
Baabar’s niece who he loves have you seen her
Amina’s her name but I call her Ameena
But I better wrap it up here
So we can record and we all give a cheer
Lay back now in the chair go to sleep
Press play whenever to hear my little beat.

Next Curtis co-wrote a rap with Morgan, whose twin brother is a rapper too! Curtis took the same approach, first making a chart of all the things Morgan likes and then encouraging him to write about them.

Morgan is my name I won’t tell you again
I text real quick on my black BBM
59 plus in my contact list
And I got a red label around my wrist
Love the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
And I don’t know why but I’ve got it in my stars
I live in Birmingham with my mom and my brothers
House too small so no room for others
Play football on the big green grass
I’m way too quick so I don’t need to pass
I have a favourite player who is Marlon King
He runs down the pitch and has a good swing
12 inch pizza yeah it’s a beast
Pepperoni and a large meat feast
Box so big that I can’t see the telly
Wait til I’m done see the size of my belly.

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