Friday, 3 August 2012

Rapping with James

We are lucky enough to have another brilliant rap artist to run some sessions with us! James Kennaby is working with our young people in the hospital and the youth centres, helping them to write their own lyrics and create their own music tracks.

James encourages our budding rappers to write about what they know by thinking of different things about their lives: activities and hobbies, their family, their thoughts and feelings. Often he gets the young people to compose a section each and adds them together to make a longer verse.

Here's some lyrics that the young people came up with and James has set to music (which I will upload later!)

The Adventure

His name is Red Arrow
He lives in London
And he really loves jumping
He wears adidas
Cos he's all class
He wears red from morning to bed
And because he tried parkour
He's got a broken leg

His friends call him odd
Because he loves playing COD
And when he's online
He talks to his friend Todd all the time

He says he drives a Subaru but that's not true
Instead he's learning to drive in a Daewoo
He fancies a chew so he goes to his friend's barbeque

He travelled to Australia to meet his friend Dalia
Whose washing machine had a recent failure.

Isn't that great? I'm particularly impressed by the washing machine reference.

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