Thursday, 24 January 2013

Our first session with Daz!

The other week we started our new set of sessions, with Daz, a super cool multi-instrumentalist and performer from Birmingham. He's going to be coming in to teach us about instrumental techniques on guitar and bass and other useful things about being a musician, like stage presence, rehearsing as a band, mic technique, and anything else to encourage our young musicians to go on to a glittering career in music!

Our first sessions at Norton and Naseby were off to a good start, with Daz demonstrating his experience as a musician and sharing some of his stories as a techie for various rock groups. He's really relatable as he is into so many different styles of music. He has made a list of requests from the young people of the songs they would like to learn. Our aim for these sessions is to create a band with a varied repertoire that could than go on to perform together.

Unfortunately our sessions this week had to be cancelled due to massive amounts of snow, so we'll resume on Monday!

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